Contributed Bundles

Bundles are nifty little helpers that make you more efficient with your data. Built by developers, Sequel Pro bundles use your favourite scripting languages to help improve your workflow. You can install bundles with one click — no need to restart Sequel Pro.

Bundles listed on this page were developed by Sequel Pro users. We do not review or provide support for third-party bundles.

Show selected rows as PHP array Aivaras Voveris

Shows selected rows as PHP array

PHP Deserialize Andrew Fulton

Convert data that has been serialized by PHP into a readable output using print_r format.

Copy as XML (for PHPUnit) David Alsbury

Copies current selection to an XML dataset ready to be ingested by PHPUnit

Copy as textile Jakob Stoeck

Copies SequelPro results as a textile table to use it in Redmine or other textile-supported systems. To use, just copy it into your SequelPro Bundle Editor.

Copy as Text Table Carsten Blüm

Creates a text-only, table-like representation of the result set given as input. Output is UTF8-encoded and should be viewed with a monospaced font.