How to use bundles

Sequel Pro comes with a selection Bundles for you to try out. Simply connect to a database and access bundles from the Bundle menu.

New Bundles Menu

Installing a bundle

You can find a full list of supported bundles for Sequel Pro on our Bundles page. Installing a bundle is as simple as downloading an .spbundle file from our Bundles Gallery and double-clicking on it from your Downloads folder.

Click On Bundle

How do bundles work?

A Bundle is a container – a *.spBundle package folder stored in ~/Library/Application Support/Sequel Pro/Bundles – which contains a script written in any scripting language like BASH (default), Ruby, Python, Perl, AppleScript, etc. (specified by using the shebang notation – e.g. #!/usr/bin/ruby) with which it is possible to interact between Sequel Pro and the underlying UNIX operational system and remote it respectively.

How do I use a bundle

In this example, we are going to use the "Copy as JSON" bundle to convert a selection of rows into formatted JSON data.


Start by connecting to a database, and choosing a selection of data from one of your tables. Right click on the selected data and choose BundlesCopy > Copy as JSON. This will copy the JSON formatted code to your Pasteboard.

Copy As Json


Open your favourite text editor and paste the content into a new document using cmd + v — The Copy as JSON bundle outputs well-formatted, readable JSON data.

Json Output