Get involved

There are a number of ways you can get involved with the project..

Nightly Builds

The fastest way to get a cutting edge version of Sequel Pro is to download a nightly build from our build server. The Nightly Builds are a deployment build of the trunk directory of the source code.


If you are familiar with Cocoa and Objective-C programming you can check out a copy of the source code and build your own copy. If you are proficient in Objective C and the Cocoa framework, help us out by submitting a patch for any unresolved tickets.

Graphic Designers

We are looking for some talented graphical professionals to help create some Mac eye candy. With the really cool features we have in the pipeline, our app will be both lickable and intuitive to use.

Some of the interface icons we are looking for are — icons for the Structure, Browse and SQL tabs and a fourth tab for a MySQL command transcript. In the future we will also need a bunch more icons as we add more features like http tunnels, SSH, tabs etc.

If you are interested in contributing graphical work, please join the discussions on IRC and chat to the developers.

Help in Issue Tracker

Feel free to join the discussion on the Sequel Pro Google Groups, by posting a question or answering somebody else's question. The Issue Tracker is a hive of activity with bugs/features continuously coming in and issues constantly being ticked off.

You can help out in the issue tracker by downloading the latest nightly build and confirming or clarifying any bug reports placed by other users.