The localization workflow for Sequel Pro is currently being layed out. If you want to help localizing take a look at Translate Sequel Pro.

The process for translating Sequel Pro is a time intensive task and a constant process and we rely on our translators to help us out with future releases. We presently have 14 languages that are being translated. We have full (or almost) complete language coverage in 4 languages English, German, Russian and French. We are also in the process of translating 11 other languages — 


Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be translating into language X?

We are currently focusing on the most popular languages based on users visiting the site. If you are interested in translating Sequel Pro to your language, please drop us a line.

Is there a place where I can talk to other translators working in my language?

We don't currently have a forum for general discussion of localization but it is possible to leave comments against each individual translation.

I want to report a bug I found in the web app

Please drop us a line and include detailed steps on how to reproduce the bug where possible.