Core Features

In the articles below we take you through the important screens that make up Sequel Pro and allow you to manage your databases and tables.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a shortcut for running a Query?

If you press cmd + R it will run all the commands in the Query view.
If you press cmd + opt + R it will run either the currently selected text as a query OR the entire query in which you are currently positioned.

How do I create an enum field in a table?

To create an enum field follow the same procedure as you would for any other field, choose enum in the Typecolumn of the Table Structure form, and then in the Length column enter the enum values as comma separated quoted strings. If you wish to use a default value, you should enter it without quotes in the Default column.

Where does Sequel Pro store the connections?

The connections strings are stored in the following preference file:


The passwords are stored in the Mac OSX Keychain, which is stored here: 


Find more info about the Keychain here:


The ~/Library folder is invisible in Lion, to open it choose "Go To Folder…" (cmd-shift-G) and type "~/Library/Preferences/" to open the preference folder.