Sequel Pro 1.0 RC1

This one has been coming for a while now.. This release candidate represents the final features of our 1.0 release and we would love it if you could test it and break it before we release it to all of our good looking users. Yes you too!

If you find any bugs, please add them to our issue tracker.

If you use Sequel Pro on a regular basis, please consider donating $10 or $20 to the project.

Download Now! | Release Notes | Donate

Please note that we’ve changed how Sequel Pro is signed to add Gatekeeper compatibility.  You will have to allow Sequel Pro access to your Keychain passwords for your favorites when prompted.

New features — Please give these an extra test!

  • Much more intuitive favourites handling and editing on the connection screen, now with folders and inline saving/connection testing
  • Swedish, French and Japanese localisations
  • New Quick Connect feature on connection screen.
  • Much improved connection stability and handling
  • More speed improvements and new goodies for you to discover. Read the full release notes for all the spoilers!

Pretty stuff

  • Lots of retina icon goodness!
  • Check out our beautiful new icon, courtesy of Kenichi and the Panic guys. We think it’s fantastic!

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