Sequel Pro 1.1 RC2

Thanks for all the feedback in RC1, you are helping us make the best software. We would love it if you could test this RC2 and break it before we release it to all of our lovely users. Download Sequel Pro 1.1 RC2

Changes since 1.1rc1:
* Disable “smart” substitutions for field editor sheet (fixes #2154)
* Fix an issue where Sequel Pro added a NUL byte to the end of every query (fixes #2184)
* Fix an issue where LIKE filters were changed to BINARY if reloading a table via cmd+R (fixes #2179)
* Fix an exception when trying to remove a query favorite via its context menu (fixes #2161)
* Fix a rare exception when opening a session via “Open Recent”
* Fix an exception when trying to sort favorites by “host” or “type” while groups are present (fixes #2151)
* Fix a crash when the database popup was removed from the toolbar (fixes #2147)
* Fix an exception when no database was selected and the user tried to export a query result with the “database” file name token (fixes #2145)
* Fix a crash when displaying the server process list (fixes #2114)
* Fix a popular exception when a user tried to edit a field with a lost connection and then chose “disconnect” when Sequel Pro asks to reconnect (fixes #2137)
* Fixed a rare crash when SSH connections failed (caused by a race condition) (fixes #2132)

* Field Editor now uses the newer “find bar” instead of the “find panel” on supported OS X versions (#2148)

Download Sequel Pro 1.1 RC2

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