Sequel Pro 0.9.9 Release Candidate

It’s been quite a long time since our last release, but we haven’t been idle; we’re happy to present you with a release candidate of the next version of Sequel Pro: 0.9.9.

Please download a copy of the application, test, and report any bugs you find.

Highlights of the new features in this version are: translation supportplugin support, tabbed window support,  QuickLook, new index creation interface, overhauled and unified export interface, improved import interface with much better CSV field mapping, a server navigator, improved data type support including spatial data supportimproved table views and much improved stability.  There are however many, many more features to discover; some of the changes in this version are included in the release notes – click through to the full post to see them.

Check the issue tracker and report any new bugs you find in this release.

Any questions can be posted to Google Groups.

Download 0.9.9 Release Candidate

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