Sequel Pro 0.9.7 Release Candidate

The release candidate of Sequel Pro 0.9.7 is ready for your testing pleasure.

Highlights of the new features in this version are:

  • New application icon!!
  • New server processes panel
  • Query favourites editor
  • Filter editor
  • Improved tooltips including image previews
  • Pagination interface for the content view
  • Much faster (and more stable) import and export
  • Early support for document-based connections
  • Ability to stop custom query and content loads
  • Introduction of threading for some tasks

Check the issue tracker and report any new bugs you find in this release.
Any questions can be posted to Google Groups.

Download 0.9.7 Release Candidate | Full Release Notes

Note to testers: We have made changes to the way Query Favourites are stored. If you use Query Favourites and anticipate that you will revert to 0.9.6 or run both 0.9.6 and this release candidate side by side please read this article on Backing up your Preferences file.

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