Sequel Pro 0.9.9

It’s been a long year for us, and we hope you haven’t missed us too much. We have been working hard the whole time creating the most feature rich Sequel Pro we have ever released.

Seriously, you don’t want to miss this update! Start Downloading!

User Interface Features

  • We now have tabs in the main connection window, allowing multiple connections in one window
  • new bundle (plugin) system makes it easy to add new features to sequel pro, in almost any scripting language. You can share your bundles at
  • Improved keyboard navigation throughout the app
  • Better Mac OS X integration with a QuickLook plugin for viewing files sequel pro can open (including SQL dumps)
  • Improved auto-completion and syntax colors in the SQL editor
  • Literally hundreds more usability improvements
  • Perform a Find (⌘F) while browsing a table now presents an interface to quickly create and apply a WHERE filter.

Translation Support

  • Added German and Russian translation and support for translation for many other languages
  • Many other languages are already in progress. Please help us finish your language by visiting

Database Features

  • Can now add/rename/browse databases
  • Improved compatibility with many servers where we previously had issues connecting or maintaining a reliable connection
  • Built in support for additional data types/index types/table structures
  • Better performance when browsing large tables
  • All new Import/Export system, much more powerful, faster with large data sets, and easier to use

If you use Sequel Pro on a regular basis, please consider donating $10 or $20 to the project?  Donate

Download Sequel Pro 0.9.9 Now! [Full list of changes and fixes]

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