New Sequel Pro icon

You can take the new icon for a spin in our latest 0.9.7 Release Candidate.

We thought it was time for a new icon! The inspiration behind this great icon was to create something that really represented visually what we want from Sequel Pro: an easy-to-use Mac database client.


The dolphin legacy

The dolphin (synonymous with MySQL – the world’s most popular open source database) was first featured in the icon created by Walter Lee Davis for the original CocoaMySQL. We carried the dolphin into the Sequel Pro icon all the way up to our 0.9.6 release, but now it’s time to say goodbye!

MySQL will always be our primary database, but our roadmap also includes support for SQLite and PostgreSQL. So, when deciding on what to include in our new Sequel Pro icon we decided that the database disks could stay, but the dolphin had to go. Sorry! 

We are pitching ourselves for a spot in your dock alongside some of the best mac developer tools including Coda, Things and Versions (among others); we really think you’ll love this new icon in your dock!

About the icon

The icon was created by Na Wong, an extremely talented designer from Hong Kong whose work you might have seen before in Postman (iPhone), EventBox (now called Socialite) and Dropzone.

Graphic Artist/UI Designer Wanted

Na recently gave up freelance work to work at SourceBits, so we are now looking for a new graphic artist to fill his shoes.  If you have a portfolio of  exceptional work, preferably experience with Mac icons we would love to hear from you.

You can take the new icon for a spin in our latest 0.9.7 Release Candidate.

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